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I have a remote form which contains 3 radio button tags, each will change the DB accordingly. This works perfectly fine in chrome but when I switch to FF the radio get checked and all but the DB does not change at all.

This is the form in my view.

<%= form_tag ("deal_status"), :remote => true, :class => "deals_status" do %>

    <%= hidden_field_tag 'deal_id', d.id.to_s %>

    <%= radio_button_tag( :state, "won"+d.id.to_s, d.state == "won", :class => "toggle-btn-left toggle-btn", :value =>"won") %>
    <%= label_tag  'state_won'+d.id.to_s, "won", :class=>"btn" %>   

    <%= radio_button_tag :state, "lost"+d.id.to_s, d.state == 'lost', :class => "toggle-btn-center toggle-btn",:value => "lost" %>
    <%= label_tag  'state_lost'+d.id.to_s, "lost",:class=>"btn" %>

    <%= radio_button_tag :state, "pending"+d.id.to_s, d.state == 'pending',:class => "toggle-btn-right toggle-btn", :value => "pending" %>
    <%= label_tag  'state_pending'+d.id.to_s, "pending",:class=>"btn" %>

<% end %>

this the js that does the submitting

$("body").on("change", "form :radio", function(){

and this is the controller's action :

  def deal_status

    deal_id = params[:deal_id]
    d = Deal.find_by_id(deal_id)
    d.state = params[:state]

    @deal_id = deal_id
    @deal = d

      respond_to do |format|

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Just a guess: Put the submit call in a setTimeout, so that the submission happens after the change event was completely processed. –  Felix Kling Aug 25 '13 at 10:23
Like this ? ` $("body").on("change", "form :radio", function(){ setTimeout(function() { $(this).closest("form").submit(); }, 5000); });` –  Kmelkon Aug 25 '13 at 10:46
Inside the callback, this won't refer to the element. You have to assign it to a variable first: var self = this; setTimeout(function() { $(self)... }, 1);. But apart from that, yes. Just use a small number for the timeout. You don't want to wait 5 seconds before submitting the form, it should be submitted immediately, but after the change event was handled. Choose 0 or 10. –  Felix Kling Aug 25 '13 at 10:50
I did this ` $("body").on("change", "form :radio", function(){ setTimeout(function() { $(self).closest("form").submit(); }); });` and the the form is not even submitting. Added selft as you said on top of this. –  Kmelkon Aug 25 '13 at 10:54
You still need to pass a duration as second argument to setTimeout I believe. –  Felix Kling Aug 25 '13 at 14:35
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