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I am using WSO2 BAM 2.3.0. In that I use Home -> Manage -> Cassandra Explorer -> Connect to Cluster to explore the my data in Cassandra cluster. Up to some point I used the local Cassandra cluster with Connection Url as localhost:9161 and it works fine.

Later I wanted to explore the same cluster(Which runs on remote server) using a locally running BAM instance. I used the IP Address:9161 as Connection Url. But it failed with following error in console,

[2013-08-25 13:44:19,320] ERROR {me.prettyprint.cassandra.connection.HConnectionManager} -  Could not start connection pool for host IPAddress(IPAddress):9161

Then I go to the remote server's BAM management console and entered the same server's IP address as Connection Url. But there also it fails. When I change the IP address to localhost, it works fine. What has gone wrong here?

Also I did this because I tried to run a Hive Query on my local machine by connecting to above mentioned Server's Cassandra Cluster. It failed with some exceptions saying couldn't connect to the Cassandra.

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I don't think that you can access that internal cassandra database through a URL. If you running hive script locally then why you need BAM cassandra cluster? You can setup an external cassandra. Otherwise use the BAM to execute the hive script. –  Ragavan Aug 25 '13 at 17:38
It works for the localhost:9161. In my case localhost=IP_address and IP_address:9161 fails. Why that happen? –  andunslg Aug 25 '13 at 23:00
Can you check whether you can connect to the above port (in the remote server) within the local machine. (You can use telnet for this i.e telnet IP_ADDRESS PORT) –  Sumedha Aug 26 '13 at 4:29

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You can access. You must edit cassandra.yaml file in BAM_HOME/repository/conf/etc.

Change the listen address and rpc_address to your ip address.

Then in master-datasources.xml for WSO2BAM_CASSANDRA_DB use the ip address in the url.

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