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I have a problem with encryption during installation of Kali Linux. This is distribution based on Linux Debian. There are only small differences. I use disk when I have MS Windows 8 too. My disk schema is here: http://mato.secit.sk/WinaKali1.png So I select manual disk partitioning. On the partition sda3 I have made the encrypted partition. After I use LVM for this partition and I have made two logical partitions for encrypted SWAP and for main system (mount point - /). And on nonencrypted partition I have made /boot sector... After I wrote changes to my disk. But after I selected in grub bootloader Kali Linux I get this output: http://mato.secit.sk/WinaKali2.png Can you help me please? Thank you for replies.

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To encrypt your installation of Kali, you need to encrypt your partition with the tools in the Live ISO. Follow this guide: Encrypted Disk Installation

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I am sorry it was bug of this version of Kali Linux, now it is patched.

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