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I install cancan gem in rails app

and i have block in my ability.rb like this ...

can [:action1,:action2,:action3] ,Obj do |x|
  # I wante to get current action, like this
  if action == action1
    #do something

And i do not want to separate each action in special block

how get current action in ability block ?

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You can initialize Ability class instance method with action as variable:


class Ability
  include CanCan::Ability

  def initialize(user, action)

    can action.to_sym, Obj do |x|
       #do something with your action (and user?)



Now you can initialize new ability passing current action to it:


def current_ability
  @current_ability ||= Ability.new(current_user, params[:action])

and apply any rules using action name stored in default parameter :action

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