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I have accidently deleted the default-website on an "experimental" machine. It is a standard-installation of "Windows Web Server 2008" with II7 running.

I have already tried to create a custom website on my own, but this always fails when I try to access the website in the browser (remote and locally). There is an endless number of permission- and setting - errors.

Could you please show me a link to a tutorial on what to do in my case? Or possibly any suggestions what common pitfalls are in such situations?

Thank you! Daniel Lang

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Make sure your site points to %systemdrive%\inetpub\wwwroot, and then it has little difference from the default one.

Learning about how to back up IIS settings on IIS is a must for beginners,


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Save your custom code (virtual directories) and reinstall IIS? Probably cleanest.

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