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USE AnotherDB
-- This works - same ID as from other DB
SELECT OBJECT_ID('AnotherDB.ASchema.ATable')
-- This works

-- This works - same ID as from other DB
SELECT OBJECT_ID('AnotherDB.ASchema.ATable')
-- Gives NULL

Obviously the metadata functions expect a current database. The BOL entries typically have language like this for functions like OBJECT_NAME etc.:

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Engine assumes that object_id is in the context of the current database. A query that references an object_id in another database returns NULL or incorrect results.

The reasons I need to be able to do this:

  1. I can't USE the other database from within an SP

  2. I can't create a proxy UDF stub (or alter anything) in the other databases or in master (or any other database besides my own) to help me out.

So how can I get the database from OBJECT_ID('AnotherDB.ASchema.ATable') when I'm in ThisDB?

My goal is to take a possibly partially qualified name from a configuration table, resolving it in the current context to a fully qualified name, use PARSENAME to get the database name and then dynamic SQL to build a script to be able to get to the meta data tables directly with database.sys.* or USE db; sys.*

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is it that you have the actual id of some object, say 234521345, and you want to retrieve the name of the id from antoher db.. but you have the names of all dbs? –  Brimstedt Dec 3 '09 at 21:59
I don't really need the ID, but if I use one on the way, that will be fine. –  Cade Roux Dec 3 '09 at 22:17

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Do I understand it correctly that you want the db id of AnotherDB?

FROM    master..sysdatabases
WHERE   name = 'AnotherDB'

Otherwise, you can USE other db's in dynamic SQL if it helps:

,	@objId	INT

	USE AnotherDB

	SELECT	@id = OBJECT_ID(''customer'')

	,	N'@id INT OUTPUT'
	,	@id = @objId OUTPUT


OR Execute SP's in other dbs with:

EXEC AnotherDB.dbo.ProcedureName 
      @paramX = ...
,     @paramY = ...
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Yes, is there a way to get that from an object name (which may or may not be fully qualified - either table, schema.table, or db.schema.table)? –  Cade Roux Dec 3 '09 at 21:50
Right - it comes down to taking a possible partially qualified name, resolving it in the current context and then using PARSENAME to get the database name and then something like what you have dynamically to do the rest of my work. –  Cade Roux Dec 3 '09 at 22:13

You should be able to do this:

    AnotherDB.sys.objects   --changes context
    object_id = OBJECT_ID('AnotherDB.ASchema.ATable')

This is what you effectively do with OBJECT_ID('AnotherDB.ASchema.ATable')

This means that you could rely on dbname.sys.objects and avoid confusion with metadata functions.

Note: the new Catalog views are designed to be used and not change from version to version, as per the link. In the old days, it was consider bad practice to use system tables but the stigma still remains. So, you can safely rely on sys.objects rather that the metadata functions.

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Take a look at the PARSENAME function in TSQL - will allow you to pull out any of the 4-part portions of a fully (or non-fully) qualified name. For the database in your example:

select parsename('AnotherDB.ASchema.ATable',3)



select parsename('AnotherDB.ASchema.ATable',2)



If non-fully qualified, you'll get null results if you ask for the portion of a name that isn't included in the string:

select parsename('ASchema.ATable',3)



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This would be great if I could resolve a partially qualified name to a fully qualified name. You know how to do that? –  Cade Roux Dec 3 '09 at 22:12
Nope, not possible with native functionality - really no way of doing that aside from checking every database on the instance for an object matching the given non-qualified name, but then how do you handle possible collisions? You could easily create a procedure that would iterate through all of the databases on the system looking for an object matching the given schema/name (leveraging the sp_MSforeachdb system procedure perhaps, or just a cursor through sys.databases) - is that what you want? i.e. return all the databases that have an object matching the given schema/name if no db qualified? –  chadhoc Dec 3 '09 at 22:23

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