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I am currently working on a project where I have to extract the facial expression of a user (only one user at a time from a webcam) like sad or happy.

The best possibility I found so far:

I used OpenCV for face detection.

Some user on a OpenCV board suggested looking for AAM (active apereance models) and ASM (active shape models), but all I found were papers.

-So i'm Using Active Shape Models with Stasm, which will give me access to 77 different points within the face like on the picture

enter image description here

now i want to know the best way to do :

  • the best learning method to use on cohn and kanade database to classify the emotions (happy,....) ?

  • the best method to classify the facial expressions on a video in real time ?

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Look here for similar solution video and description of algorithm: in "Identity and Expression Recognition on Low Dimensional Manifolds" 2009 year.

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