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Straight to subject: I have Game, Board and Player models in my app.

Game -> Board <- Player

Game to player is many to many relation through Boards. I'd like to limit that game can have only 2 Boards (therefore only two players).

game = Game.create

game.players.push Player.create
game.players.push Player.create
game.players.push Player.create #this line should throw some exception

I don't see anything out of the box I could use. One idea is to use validations, but is this the only way?

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Assuming you use ActiveRecord or anything else using ActiveSupport, you could add a custom validation on Board:

class Board
  validate :player_count_validation

  has_many :players


  def player_count_validation
    if players.length > 2
      errors.add(:players, "must have length at most two")

Then it would work like this:

board = Board.new
board.players << Player.create!
board.players << Player.create!
board.players << Player.create! # No exception here
board.save # returns false
board.save! # Raises validation exception
board.errors # Something like { players: ["must have length at most two"] }
board.errors.full_messages # ["Players must have length at most two"]
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Besides validations, you could also use a custom method for adding child objects:

def add_player(player)
  if players.count < 2
    self.players << player
    raise 'Too many players'

This does enforce the limit when adding players using this method, but not when accessed directly via association, e.g. obj.players << player.

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