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I have the multiple divs on a page which are marked with a specific class. something like :

<div class="modal-body auctionRequested" >  

    <table data-bind="foreach: auctionBatches">
            <td data-bind="text: $data.Id"></td>
            <td data-bind="text: $data.Name"></td>
<div class="modal-footer">  
<a href="#" class="btn btn-success">Call to action</a>  
<a href="#" class="btn" data-dismiss="modal">Close</a>  

the viewmodel is defined as following :

function AuctionBatch(id, name, logoUrl, startDate, endDate, isBlind, isBuyNow) { = ko.observable(id); = ko.observable(name);
        this.logoUrl = ko.observable(logoUrl);
        this.startDate = ko.observable(startDate);
        this.endDate = ko.observable(endDate);

    function AuctionBatchList() {
        this.auctionBatches = ko.observableArray([]);


and it is applied in the following manner:

  $(document).ready(function() {
        var auctions = [];
                url: '@Url.Action("GetAuctionBatches", "CarStates")',
                type: 'GET',
                contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
                    success: function (data) {
                    if (data.success) {
                        auctions= data.list;  

                        modals = $('.auctionRequested');
                        $.each(modals, function(i, item) {
                        var vm = ko.dataFor(item);


                    else {
                        $("#error").css("display", "block");
                error: function () {

        var modals = $('.auctionRequested');
                   $.each(modals, function(i, item) {
                        ko.applyBindings(new AuctionBatchList(), item);   

However although I can see in firebug that there are multiple elements retrieved from the server, nothing is bound on the ui and I also can see no error. What am I missing?

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2 Answers 2

You're using the wrong names:

try this:

<td data-bind="text:id">
<td data-bind="text:name">

(You don't need $data in front and you used capital letters)

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I suspect the problem is with code you're not showing, or with the data that's being returned. Perhaps I can best help you by supplying a working example of the code you posted, see this jsfiddle, where I've done two things:

  • Moved the applyBindings bit above the Ajax call. Because of the way your success function is working you'll need to be absolutely sure things are bound in time.

  • Mocked the Ajax calls like this:

    // Mock $.ajax calls:
    $.ajax = function(options) {
            success: true,
            list :  [
                {Id: 1, Name: 'Test A'},
                {Id: 1, Name: 'Test B'}

With those changes the code you posted seems to be functioning.

A few notes though about the code:

  • You have an AuctionBatch constructor function but it's not being used anywhere.
  • If you save a reference to the new AuctionBatchList in the correct scope you won't need to use jQuery to find it again in the success function. Typically with KO, if you feel you need a $('some-selector') call there will also be a solution less tightly coupled to a specific View. Here's an updated jsfiddle with an example of that.
  • Your View code has a closing </div> with no matching opening <div>.

Hope this helps!

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