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We are looking for a way to have C# autogenerate classes from an XSD and create C# namespaces using the namespace info in the XSD.

Doesnt seem like you can create a structured (xxxx.yyyy.zzzz) C# namespace from the XSD?

Is there a trick we're missing?


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Can you add some details? What have you tried? What didn't work? –  Oded Dec 3 '09 at 21:56
Can't you just strip the 'http' and slashes from the namespace URL and create a c# namespace by replacing slashes with dots? (e.g. mydomain.com/myservice/1.0 = namespace mydomain.com.myservice.1.0 –  mjmarsh Dec 3 '09 at 21:58
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Would this do the trick? the /n allows you to specify a namespace to put the generated class in.

xsd.exe /classes MyXSDInput.xsd /n:MyCsharpNamespace

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This is a working solution +1 –  Patrick Desjardins Apr 7 '10 at 18:57
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There's a really interesting project XSD2Code on Codeplex. It basically does the same as xsd.exe - only better, on the command line, and as a Visual Studio plugin.

You just right-click on an XSD file in your solution explorer and run the tool!

alt text

You can set any valid .NET namespace as the target namespace for your generated code files.

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