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I encounter this error when querying a pytables table with where method passing a string with 50 conditions. These conditions are basically a translation of a SQL IN clause i.e. I want to get records where a particular field is equal to a certain list of values.

C:\Python2764\lib\site-packages\numexpr\necompiler.pyc in evaluate(ex, local_dict, global_dict, out, order, casting, **kwargs)
    744     kwargs = {'out': out, 'order': order, 'casting': casting,
    745               'ex_uses_vml': ex_uses_vml}
--> 746     return compiled_ex(*arguments, **kwargs)

ValueError: too many inputs

What would be another way to perform the same query? My first thought is to perform the query 50 times, once for each value and merge the results. I was hoping maybe there is a more elegant solution to this.

Is there a known restriction on the number of conditions that can be passed to numexpr?

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I asked the same question to the Pytable guys on GitHub. (Coincidentally, I had 50 conditions translated from a SQL IN clause as well.) They were really nice and fast to respond. It is a numpy issue:

This is a limitation of numexpr based on the NPY_MAXARGS value which is defined in numpy. Upgrading to numpy v1.8 may fix the issue. See numpy/numpy#226 and [1]. ...
Oh and by the way, the limit is NPY_MAXARGS=32

What numpy version do you use? numpy 1.8 is OK.

EDIT: Actually it's not working on numpy 1.8 as well. They have NPY_MAXARGS=32 still

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