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I have developed a restful API using ASP.NET MVC and have documented my controller actions using standard commenting. I would now like to generate API documentation to hand off to the people who will be consuming this API.

What are my options in terms of tools for generating documentation against the restful API that I've created.

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try sandcastle you can creat chm files with it or html.

There is also which provide a GUI to work with Sandcastle

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If your API is written in C# then Doxygen is great. I don't use ASP.NET MVC, but considering that controller actions are really just methods, it should work.

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I've used Sandcastle and Doxygen and purely for C# i vote for the first one. It has a lot of options, it's more "Windows" friendly (and I guess since you are writing an ASP.NET MVC application you are working on windows, right?) and it's easier to get it working "out of the box".

The advantage of Doxygen on the other hand is that it can handle a lot of different languages so it's a more generic one.

-my 2 cents

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