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I've got a CAB file with the Windows Mobile application and the MSI package which installs that CAB on Windows Mobile Device (using a custom installer).

Now i'm trying to add ability to enter license key for that Windows Mobile app using desktop installation package.

I've added "Customer Information" dialog to MSI so i can enter the key. So what i need to do next is get that license key from my custom installer, do some validation, store that key n a file and copy the file to the mobile device into installation directory.

So, the questions are:

  • How can i retrieve the license key i've entered during installation from my custom installer?
  • How can i programmatically copy file created by custom installer to PDA into installation directory via active sync during installtion?


I found a way to retrieve the info entered during installation using MsiGetProductInfo (c# wrapper)

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Take a look at the Remote API (RAPI). This will provide you with the ability to create/write to files on the PDA from your desktop application or installer.

For a C# solution OpenNETCF's open source wrapper called OpenNETCF.Desktop.Communication would be an excellent starting point.

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