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I am trying to develop a Windows Store App that generates and saves bitmap images which are composed of various images, primitive shapes and text. I don't necessarily want all the images to be on screen as there might be a lot of them which I need to generate. My app is written in C#. I see that Microsoft introduced a new RenderTargetBitmap class in Windows 8.1--which I am planning to target--but it only saves XAML trees that are on screen. Is my only choice to go with C++? If so what C++ library is free, compatible with WinRT and has a simple API?

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Take a look at WriteableBitmap. It allows you to draw pixels manually in an image, by first writing them out to a byte array.

If you need additional tools for rendering shapes and the like, WriteableBitmapEx can be a good option. To quote from the link:

The WriteableBitmap API is very minimalistic and there's only the raw Pixels array for such operations. The WriteableBitmapEx library tries to compensate that with extensions methods that are easy to use like built in methods and offer GDI+ like functionality. The library extends the WriteableBitmap class with elementary and fast (2D drawing) functionality, conversion methods and functions to combine (blit) WriteableBitmaps.

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This looks very promising, I will give this a try. –  satur9nine Aug 26 '13 at 5:45

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