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I'm using Lift Record persistence and I want to apply some transformations on a Field whenever I set or get its value. For instance, for StringField I want to set it to lower case automatically in Record object.

object someField extends StringField(this, 64) {
   // how do I apply transformations here?

In Lift Mapper there is a method setFilter which does exactly that, but I can't find its equivalent in Record. In Mapper it looks like this:

object someField extends MappedString(this, 64) {
   override def setFilter = trim _ :: toUpper _ :: super.setFilter

Couple options I'm considering are:

  • override set method, but there are many of them, I'm afraid to incompletely override subset of required methods, so I can't envision consequences. :)
  • using lifecycle callbacks - seems like overkill.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks ;)

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It seems that StringField also has a setFilter method as well, at least according to the API: liftweb.net/api/25/api/#net.liftweb.record.field.StringField The signature is setFilter: List[(ValueType) ⇒ ValueType]. Would that not work? –  jcern Aug 26 '13 at 14:08
@jcern you are absolutely right, I don't know how I missed it. I honestly checked for that method, maybe it was too late and my brain was giving up :) Thanks a lot. –  Aleksey Izmailov Aug 26 '13 at 18:57

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Credit goes to @jcern for pointing this out:

Record has method def setFilter: List[(ValueType) ⇒ ValueType] which is very similar to def setFilter: List[(FieldType) ⇒ FieldType].

It is used the same way, i.e. filter will be applied when setting or querying values. Here is a quick example:

class Tag extends MongoRecord[Tag] with ObjectIdPk[Tag] {
  object name extends StringField(this, 32) {
    override def setFilter = trim _ :: toLower _ :: super.setFilter

// lowercases tag name:
//res1: Tag = class Tag={name=upper, _id=521bb306e4b04eacd74dd217}
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