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I create a gallery with Jquery and it worked fine, later on I decided to get the file from directory and not from tag.

I used AJAX and PHP, I get the images into the gallery div but the css class not influence the the gallery to make it work.


        <div id="gallery-holder">
    <!--            <img src="images/mainGallery/main-galery1.jpg" class="active"  >
                    <img src="images/mainGallery/main-galery2.jpg" >
                    <img src="images/mainGallery/main-galery3.jpg" >


                url: 'mainGallery.php',                                 
                success: function(data){

                alert('an alert occored');
            //  alert('success');
            //  alert('complete');



    function slideSwitch() {

        var $gallery = $('#gallery-holder'),

            $active  = $gallery.find('img:visible'),

            $next    = $ ? $ : $gallery.find('img').first();

        setTimeout(function() {


            $next.fadeIn('slow', slideSwitch);

        }, 2000);



     foreach(glob('./images/mainGallery/*.*' ) as $filename){
        if ($i==0){
            echo '<img src="'.$filename.'" class="active">';
        else echo '<img src="'.$filename.'">';


It's look like the HTML is not recognize the Active class form the AJAX. No errors in the console.

please help...

thanks, Cfir.

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Move your function call inside the success callback, otherwise it will run before the elements have been added:

        url: 'mainGallery.php',                                 
        success: function(data){
            slideSwitch(); //Initialize slider after elements are loaded into the DOM
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And close the img tags in your PHP. – MasterAM Aug 25 '13 at 21:03
Thanks, any idea how to add thumbnails to my gallery? – cfircoo Aug 26 '13 at 17:11

Inferring from this: IE ignores styles for dynamically loaded content, I'd suggest you try and return something like <img src="images/mainGallery/main-galery1.jpg" id="displayimg"> from your PHP, and then do:


Try it.

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