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I am using bottle framework to dynamically list a link for editing a task, rows is a collection of tuple with multiple (id, task, status) logically the code below should give the first link


second link


so on and forth

but all the link are


therefore I suspect this has to do with the order the code is executed, any hint would be much appreciated

<p>The open items are as follows:</p>
<table border="1">
%for row in rows:
    %for col in row:
    <script language="javascript">
        var number = "http://localhost:8217/edit/";
        var key = {{row[0]}};
        <a href="" onClick="location.href=number +key;return false";>Editing</a> 
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Read the generated source. –  SLaks Aug 26 '13 at 2:21
Is there a reason you're using javascript here? Why not just use the template to populate the hrefs directly? –  ron.rothman Aug 26 '13 at 2:25
@ron.rothman can you elaborate on that? –  user2654176 Aug 26 '13 at 2:57

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Python code runs on the server; Javascript code runs on the client.
Therefore, Javascript code can only run after the Python code finishes.

However, this has nothing to do with your problem.

HTML tags do not create local variable scopes; all of your rows share the same key variable.

By the time you click the link, key will always have the last value (since all of the JS has already executed).

You should build an href attribute in server-side code instead.

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The "problem" is in your javascript. It's not really a problem though, it's just the way the javascript event loop works. The short answer, is that when your browser is reading the rendered template, it loads the onClick events into the event queue, but doesn't actually call them. Only after it's done processing the page, does it start going through the event queue and reading them one-by-one. But at this point, all the <script> tags in your page have processed, and the current value of key will be the last value it had from the loop, presumably 5 in the examples you gave. As the browser handles the events from the event queue, it will just assign the current value of key to the onClick handle, which is why they all get the value 5.

One possible fix is to use a closure to take a "snapshot" of the current value of key as the script tags are read. To create the closure I will use a self-invoking function, but there are other ways to do this:

var key = (function() {
    return {{row[0]}};

This is actually a very common problem, so you might want to look around for a more thorough explanation. A good starting point is the subsection "The infamous loop problem" here: Javascript Scope and Closures

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I do agree with the other commenters though. If you are fabricating a template in the server (and you're looping through the rows server-side anyway), why not just generate the attribute server-side too? Unless of course, you wont actually hard-code the number variable on your script tag, and will have the browser determine that... –  gos1 Aug 26 '13 at 2:43

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