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In a previous question I asked what sharepoint was mostly because I have been asked to explore sharepoint at work to see if its a viable option for us.

Is there a project or a how to or what not out there were I can demonstrate the best features of Sharepoint? I am looking for a project out there that I can build to show all the great features of sharepoint. Again, since I know nothing of sharepoint I am hoping for a tutorial of sorts.I do not think we will be touching upon office so MOSS is out, for now.

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what are you trying to do with it? It's basically a deployment platform for any web-based project -- so you could do quite a lot (anything) -- can you narrow down your interests? –  Lou Franco Oct 8 '08 at 19:10

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As SharePoint is built on top of ASP.NET 2.0, you can leverage your existing .NET knowledge and most web parts (sometimes with minimal modification).

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If you use Document Libraries, we have a free addon to view the documents right in SharePoint (uses AJAX and doesn't need client software)


And, if you have a Kodak Smart touch scanner, we have a free addon to allow you to scan right into SharePoint


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The security is impressive. If you copy a URL from a user with higher permissions, and try to access the same page with another user with lower permissions, SharePoint prevents you from seeing that page.

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Via google:

Sharepoint Demo Site

The wssdemo site is MOSS, of course, and that list contains links to a variety of Sharepoint installations in government, education, and private sector. I'd say perusing those sites should give you a pretty good idea of what Sharepoint can do for you (i.e. pretty much whatever you want.)

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www.flybuys.co.nz is an excellent looking and functioning site.

It is not a typical SharePoint site and is heavily customised.

Unfortunately most of the sites that really show SharePoint at it's best are corporate intranets where the document collaboration is used to best effect.

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