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For a system of any complexity, there are most likely going to be many objects serializing data.

For example, say each serialized object derives from IData. And we have multiple ISerializer objects, that serialize their data into via Json.net, what are best practices for deserializing that data and determining the appropriate ISerializer object to handle the data?

When I deserizlie some IDataI don't know which of my ISerializer objects to invoke HandleData on.

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Why is it a given that we will have multiple ISerializer objects? Give me an example scenario where multiple ISerializer objects would exist. –  Karl Anderson Aug 26 '13 at 3:24
Say you have a collection of independent objects. Each one with very specialized knowledge that has nothing to do with the other. Instead of having a central point of serialization that has to know about each of these object's, I have an interface ISerializer that the objects implement if they want to serliaize some data. My serialization routine then becomes enumeration across the collection, see which obj's implement the interface, and calling serialize() on them returning back a base type that I write out to json. –  Ternary Aug 26 '13 at 15:36

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