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When I try to open my game in Corona SDK I'm getting an error in function 'gotoScene'. My main.lua contains the following code:

display.setStatusBar( display.HiddenStatusBar ) 

local storyboard = require "storyboard"
storyboard.gotoScene( "start" )

Can someone please help me fix this error.

I am making the game Mark Falkland made in his youtube tutorial videos.

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This might be an issue with your start scene. Make sure that your start.lua contains:

local storyboard = require "storyboard"
local scene = storyboard.newScene()

return scene

For more info, visit:


Keep Coding............ :)

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The compiler tells me its a problem with line 4 in main.lua. Specifically with gotoScene –  Eric Friedman Aug 26 '13 at 16:06
It will say like that when you have errors in the next scene you are calling from that line(In your case: start.lua). If you want to confirm it, then just comment all lines in your 'start.lua', and add the above code to that page. It will surely remove the error...... :) –  Krishna Raj Salim Aug 27 '13 at 4:18

I agree with the previous statement; the problem lies in your start.lua. If you open the Corona simulator and choose a new project -> multi-screen application with storyboard, the main.lua code that gets generated is this:

local storyboard = require "storyboard"
storyboard.gotoScene( "scenetemplate" )

(minus the commenting of course)

I believe that if you implement that structure that is found in the scenetemplate.lua, your project will run just fine. It is giving you the error at that line in your main.lua file because it cannot process farther than that (i.e. it cannot get into your start.lua file properly).

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