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I am trying to create a convinience method called:

def signin_screen


which should have two components.

  1. All the common methods from deviceScreen's signin_screen
  2. Specific methods from either Android/Ios (which would be determined at runtime based in env variable)

SignInScreen would have methods like

 def emailfield 
 def passwordfield  

But they may have common methods and some specific methods.

Now AndroidScreen and IosScreen are subclasses of DeviceScreen. What is a good design for SignInScreen, should it be a class under each of these or a module?

Please don't add emphasis to Android/Ios/Screens etc. They could as well be Person Student faculty/staff, who all need to have a common Authentication class

Better explanation with pen and paper

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I don't have experience in your specific topic so my answer is based on general ideas.

In my opinion, SignInScreen serves as a controller which prepare content to show, while both AndroidScreen and IosScreen should be nothing more then templates. They get content from controller and show it on specific device.

By this design, SignInScreen(or a better name without screen since it is a controller or a controller action) is better nothing to do with DeviceScreen or its sub classes, and its better parent is ApplicationController

Related reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template_method_pattern

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Sorry if I mislead with "screen" above, it could have been student or employee. I am not looking to create a controller. –  satyajit Aug 26 '13 at 4:44

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