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For a classic binarySearch on an array of java Strings (say String[] a), which is the correct way of calling the search method? is it




I tried both for the below implementation,and both seems to work.. Is there a usecase where either of these calls can fail?

class BS{
    public static int binarySearch(String[] a,String key){
        return binarySearch(a,key,0,a.length);
        //return binarySearch(a,key,0,a.length-1);
    public static int binarySearch(String[] a,String key,int lo,int hi)   {
        if(lo > hi){
            return -1;
        int mid = lo + (hi - lo)/2;
            return binarySearch(a,key,lo,mid-1);
        else if(less(a[mid],key)){
            return binarySearch(a,key,mid+1,hi);
            return mid;

    private static boolean less(String x,String y){
        return x.compareTo(y) < 0;
     public static void main(String[] args) {
        String[] a = {"D","E","F","M","K","I"};
        int x =  binarySearch(a,"M");
        System.out.println("found at :"+x);

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The most stable approach would be Arrays.binarySearch(a, "M"). They got their code tested many more times, then we could ever test ours. –  jboi Aug 26 '13 at 9:04

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Consider the case where

a = [ "foo" ]

and you search key "zoo" with binarySearch(a,key,0,a.length);

The code will search for it in interval[0,1], see it should be right than that, next recursion searches interval [1,1], causing an indexing of a[1] at line


resulting in a array out of bounds error.

The second solution will work fine.

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I think the second approach will be safe.

Consider this case - you have an array of 9 elements and the key is situated at the last index (8-th element). Then you might have a method call like this if you follow the first approach -

binarySearch(a, key, 9, 9);

Now, in that method execution, the integer division in the following line will result in 9 -

int mid = 9 + (9 - 9)/2;

and you will be indexing your array with 9 in the next line -

if( less(key,a[mid]) ) { // You'll face ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException

which will be invalid and cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException.

The second approach however will be just fine.

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