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Please tell me how to retrieve the SID and JID. I am using Strophe JS.

<body rid='489923353' xmlns='' sid='ab7f5957' to='' xml:lang='en' xmpp:restart='true' xmlns:xmpp='urn:xmpp:xbosh'/>

var conn = new Strophe.Connection(bosh_service); 

However, conn.sid or conn.rid is not returning the same numbers.

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After this and that, I think I found the answer!

else if(status === Strophe.Status.CONNECTED){

        //get roster
        var iq = $iq({type: 'get'}).c('query', {xmlns: 'jabber:iq:roster'});
        Chat.connection.sendIQ(iq, Chat.on_roster);  
        //on chat
        Chat.connection.addHandler(Chat.on_message,null, "message", "chat");

        $("#presence").html("Connection SID" + Chat.connection.sid + "Connection RID" +  Chat.connection.rid);
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using above code i am getting undefined values for connection.sid and connection.rid – Hunt Mar 2 '14 at 14:09
  1. For SID use Chat.connection._proto.sid instaed of Chat.connection.sid.
  2. For RID use Chat.connection._proto.rid instaed of Chat.connection.rid
  3. For JID use Chat.connection.jid .

Here SID and RID are properties of BOSH object where as JID is the property of Strophie object. It is working for me fine. I hope it will work for you also.

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