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How to export a DWG format file into a SAT file using C# Autocad API's. Selection set is to be in SelectAll mode in SAT file. I am using VS 2010 and Autocad 2012. Code will be very helpful.

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Out of curiosity, what are you doing with the sat file? And why

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Ok friends instead of going through c# code using Autocad API's I have gone through following alternative i.e creating an acaddoc.lsp file

and writting the following code into it. As my requirements are to be used inside a single folder this things that helped me out is.

(defun S::STARTUP()
(command "ACISOUT" "ALL" "" "")

For C#

 String progID = "AutoCAD.Application.18";
 AcadApplication acApp = (AcadApplication)Marshal.GetActiveObject(progID);
 acApp.ActiveDocument.SendCommand("ACISOUT ALL  ");

spaces inside the send command works as an enter.

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