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What's the simplest way to get an array with three objects (Card), one of which I already have? The other two should be randomly selected from the database.

My current approach looks like this:

].sort_by {rand}

The problem I have right now is that sometimes @mycard shows up twice in the array. How can this be avoided?

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Get a card from the deck. Check it's not the samy as @mycard.

Get another card from the deck. Check it's not the same as @mycard or the previous card.

Pretty straightforward, I'd have thought.

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Yeah- I had thought perhaps there was a shorter way to do it that I had overlooked, but I guess not. –  igul222 Dec 3 '09 at 23:51

something like this might work:

class Card < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :deck

    named_scope :random, lambda {
        { :offset => Kernel.rand(Card.count) }

    named_scope :not_in, lambda { |a|
        { :conditions => [ 'id NOT IN (?)', a ] }

my_cards = []
@mycard = Card.last
my_cards << @mycard
2.times {
    my_cards << @deck.cards.not_in(my_cards.collect(&:id)).random
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You have to remove each card from the deck as you draw from it, unless you are going to reshuffle after each draw, in which case I would just draw again until you get a unique one you haven't already drawn.

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