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Need some help in plugin development. I've created hook in user/edit form view, added ballance_amount to form and have "ballance_amount"=>"1".

How can I extend default update action in user controller?

In base.class_eval do I've added alias_method_chain :update, :ballance In InstanceMethods:

def update_with_ballance
    ballance.amount = params[:user][:ballance_amount].to_f #I have ballance association

And get this:

NameError (undefined local variable or method `params' for #<User:0x007f972e9379d0>):
app/controllers/users_controller.rb:144:in `update'

How can I fetch params?

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You should be able to make use of the mass-assignment code in the Redmine itself. Line 135 in the UsersController should handle provide you with a simple entry point for your extension, if balance_amount is considered a safe_attribute. To achieve that, add a patch like the following to the User model:

module RedmineBalancePlugin::UserPatch
  def self.included(base)
    base.class_eval do
      safe_attributes 'balance_amount'

      include InstanceMethods

  module InstanceMethods
    # This method is indirectly called when creating or updating a User
    def balance_amount=(amount)
      balance.amount = amount

    # This could be useful in your view patch, but maybe not
    def balance_amount

User.send(:include, RedmineBalancePlugin::UserPatch)

If this example does not help, it would be helpful, if you could provide more code fragments - e.g. the complete patch to the UsersController, to make it easier to reproduce and analyse the issue.

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