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I have this xml file, and I want to save value NUMBER (for example) to a SQL Server table.

    <TIME>7.8.2013 12:45:20</TIME>
    <NOTE>this is Note</NOTE>   

This is my code:

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load("C:\\Users\\L\\Desktop\\data.xml");
var NUMBER = doc.Descendants("NUMBER");
var TIME = doc.Descendants("TIME");
var NOTE = doc.Descendants("NOTE");

foreach (var cislo in NUMBER)
    SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("Data Source=***");

    using (SqlCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand())
       cmd.CommandText = "Update CISLO SET cislo = @cislo1;";
       cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@cislo1", doc);



I get this error:

There is no mapping from object type System.Xml.Linq.XDocument to a known managed provider native type.

On row:

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You are passing 'doc', which is your XDocument, into the parameter. Try changing

cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@cislo1", doc);


cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@cislo1", cislo);
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probably should be cislo.Value – MarcinJuraszek Aug 26 '13 at 8:20
YES!! cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@cislo1", cislo.Value); – Kate Aug 26 '13 at 8:27
Good call, @MarcinJuraszek – jle Aug 26 '13 at 15:30

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