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I have successfully installed hy-mode from I now can open a .hy file in emacs and have syntax highlighting, and editing with paredit is a joy.

I however, don't know how to start a REPL. At the bottom of the github readme, it says:

When in hy-mode, you can launch a Hy REPL by launching a Lisp inferior process

M-x lisp-inferior-process

That function, however, is not defined for me. What else do I need to install or check to be able to use the repl for Hy?

I am currently using: GNU Emacs 24.3.1.

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Have you tried to set inferior-lisp-program to "hy" and then doing M-x run-lisp?

This is the standard way (or maybe just the "way I know about") of having an inferior lisp process.

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