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I have Apache tomcat 7 where I build my web application and I also have Apache Web Server where my web site exist wrote on Css and HTML. I want to inject my web app on web site. How can I make my Tomcat as web server and container and transfer web site from Apache WebServer to Tomcat. ???

I know tomcat also can work on 80 port. Just I use to read documentation how to integrate Apache WebServer with Tomcat using mod_jk ajp connectors and etc to do, seems like it doesn't work.

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If you want to use Tomcat as your web server (to serve your .html and .css files and probably images), then you can just get rid of the Apache Web Server; you no longer need it, according to your question. Then, after putting all your html/css/etc. under webapps/[app-root]/, make sure that all references to port 8080 in Tomcat's conf/server.xml are changed to port 80, reboot Tomcat, and you'll be good to go.

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