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I have a binary file from which I have to read data. The file consists of a 128x128x243 matrix (hex-formatted) which I have read with the following code:

with open("zubal_voxel_man.dat", "rb") as fileHandle:

    dim_x = 128
    dim_y = 128
    dim_z = 243

    data = np.zeros((dim_x,dim_y,dim_z), dtype=np.int)

    for p in range(0, dim_x):
        for q in range (0, dim_y):
            for r in range(0, dim_z):
                data[p][q][r] = ord(fileHandle.read(1))

How do I visualize these data with Python? Each x,y,z position has a value from 0 to 255 (grey scale) which I would like to render.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Part of your problem is with the code:

datax = data[:,0]
datay = data[:,1]
dataz = data[:,2]

Which is not doing what you are expecting of slicing in a single axis it is taking a slice of the Y=0 then of Y=1, Y=2 and plotting them against each other - your other issue is that you have a 3 dimensional array of values which gives each value 4 dimensions X, Y, Z, Value - and you are trying to plot these into a surface. which only has 3 dimensions.

I think that your first priority is to clarify your what your data represents and how it is structured.

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