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I am evaluating JBPM 5.4 with a PoC and am trying to realize the benefits of persistence that the engine does when a StatefulKnowledgeSession is created with an appropriate EMF. i.e a use case example of, say, a case when a workflow, while in its execution flow encounters a jvm shutdown. How is resuming from point of failure handled? Are there examples which clearly show this resume behavior - which API's to use etc..

Also, are there other jbpm project examples to get used to the tool and learn about the API. So far, I have access to the following:-

  3. Developer Guide
  4. and misc content there

And feel the need for more.

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Did you check the jbpm5 developer guide? It is based on 5.4 and you can find the examples provided in the book here:

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Check this blog. I had used these as reference to creating samples for evaluation JBPM ( 5.1).

Examples contains Human Interactions ( Human Tasks ) where persistence and fail over features of JBPM come into action.

NB: You may have to migrate these to 5.4

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