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This may be another of those "should be simple" things, but I can't find anything on it so here I am asking what will most likely be a stupid question :$

I'm using SubSonic 3 and I want to execute a query with a like clause but can't find that as an option. My straight SQL is like so:

select * from table where column like %value% or column like %anothervalue%

Thanks for any help.


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If you're using Linq you can use StartsWith(), EndsWith(), and Contains()

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Thanks for pointing those out. I'm still getting used to the syntax of SubSonic3. It's a great tool! –  Jonathon Dec 14 '09 at 18:55

You can do this with the fluent interface as follows:

List<Product> products = new MyDB().Select

Or using Contains:

List<Product> products = new MyDB().Select

MyDB is your generated DB name

Or using linq:

List<Product> products = from p in Product.All()
                         where p.Category.Contains("searchstring")
                         select p;
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Thanks for those. The Linq is the one I was looking for. I guess Contains should have been obvious. I kept looking for a where p.Cat like "blah" type syntax. Thanks again! –  Jonathon Dec 14 '09 at 18:56

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