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I'm trying to get JOGL running in Eclipse 3.5 on a MacbookPro 64bit Snow Leopard with Java 1.6. The code runs on my XP machine, however, when I try to run it on my macBook, I get this error in Eclipse's console:

Invalid memory access of location 00000000 eip=8fe11f32

And thats it. I've tried a few different codes, and they all give me the same error msg.

Any ideas on what to try or where the problem may lie? thanks!

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Taking a total shot in the dark, I would guess that somewhere you've got a 32 bit library running on a 64 bit machine. I could easily imagine that some bit-twiddly optimized code runs right into null pointer territory when the size of the pointer is incorrect. Without knowing more, I would suggest making sure everything you're using is built for the right architecture.

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This was it, thanks! The build that ended up working was jogl-1.1.1a-macosx-universal.zip –  dejapong Dec 4 '09 at 1:47

Do you have the very latest video driver? Does it support OpenGL?

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