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My table has doctor ID, visit ID (one doctor can have several visits) and visit cause, it looks like this:

doctor_uid | visit_uid | visit_cause
11-11-11    22-22-11      1
22-22-22    44-44-22      2
11-11-11    23-23-23      1

I need to count all visits for each doctor, based on visit_cause (it should be equal '1'). Before I count all visits for each doctor without condition of visit_cause, I must have this in my query too:

   COUNT(v.visit_uid) OVER (PARTITION BY v.vra_uid) AS number_of_visits
FROM visits v 

It returns:

doctor_uid | number_of_visits 
    11-11-11    2     
    22-22-22    1     

How can I count those visits, that have visit_cause = '1' for each doctor? so that it would look like:

    doctor_uid | number_of_visits | visits_with_cause_equal_1
    11-22-33    2                           2
    22-22-22    1                           0

Thanks in advance!

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This should work:

select v.vra_uid, COUNT(v.visit_uid) as number_of_visits , SUM(case when v.visit_cause = 1 then 1 else 0 end) as visits_with_cause_equal_1
from visits v 
group by v.vra_uid
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have you tried CASE WHEN visit_cause = '1' THEN COUNT(*)

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