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-----------------------------here received 32 length key auth_token Error during REST auth.getSession call: params = api_key:-------------- auth_token:------------------------------- call_id:------------.-----[like a decimal values format:JSON method:facebook.auth.getSession v:1.0 response = {"error_code":100,"error_msg":"Invalid parameter","request_args":[


i need to convert the received auth_token how to do that ? How can i validate that Received one correct key or not.

  #!/usr/bin/perl -w

 use strict;
 use warnings;
 use CGI;
 use WWW::Facebook::API;
 use WWW::Facebook::API::Auth;

 use HTTP::Request;
 use LWP;

 my $TMP    = $ENV{HOME}.'/tmp';

 my $facebook_api      = '--------';
 my $facebook_secret   = '-------';
 my $facebook_clientid = '--------';

 my $gmail_user        = '-------';
 my $gmail_password    = '--------';

 my $client = WWW::Facebook::API->new(

 desktop         => 1,
 api_version     => '1.0',
 api_key         => $facebook_api,
 secret          => $facebook_secret,
 throw_errors    => 1,     


 local $SIG{INT} = sub {
 print "Logging out of Facebookn";
 my $r = $client->auth->logout;

 my $token = $client->auth->create_token;
 print "$token \n";

 print "$client \n";
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WWW:Facebook:Api is deprecated (last version - 12 Mar 2010). It seems API is broken. You should use Facebook::Graph instead.

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