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Can anybody please tell me why due sketches occupy more RAM compared to Mega for the same code. I need to make an analysis.

Please help to solve my query.

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It's because they have different microcontrollers: Arduino Mega 2560 has a 8-bit AVR ATMega2560 microcontroller and Arduino Due has a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller.


Variables are smaller in 8-bit architectures than in 32-bit architectures. For example: int is 2 bytes long in Mega 2560 but is 4 bytes long in Due.

Because of that, a program in Due will use more RAM than a program in Mega 2560 (and any other ATMega-based Arduino board like Uno and Leonardo).

Sketch size

The reason is similar to RAM: most instructions in 8-bit AVR architectures are 16 bits long while in ARM architectures, the majority of instructions are 32 bits long.

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