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Here is the relevant part of the main program from the assignment:

public static void main(String [] args) {

        int characters = args.length;
        if (characters < 3) 

            System.out.println("You did not type in a calculation!");

        else if (characters % 2 == 0)

            System.out.println("Invalid number of command line parameters.");

        else {

            Calculathor counter = new Calculathor();

I'm only allowed to write the class shown below (Calculator) into the program in the assignment. I just can't figure out how to get a printable result from the calculation.

I presume the switch statement is working as intended in receiving the operator from user's input and putting it to use but I need something else to get the actual result.

class Calculator {

int result;
int i = 0;

    String[] args;

    void count(String[] args) {

    switch (args[i].charAt(i)) {
    case '+': result = Integer.parseInt(args[i]) +

    case '-': result = Integer.parseInt(args[i]) -

System.out.println("\nResult of the calculation " + args[0] + " + " + args[2] + " + " + args[4] + " - " + args[6] + " is " + result);

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are you getting the result value int the result variable? –  Jayant Varshney Aug 26 '13 at 12:34

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Here are some pointers:

Calculathor counter = new Calculathor();

should probably be

Calculator counter = new Calculator();

And, a switch statement is more or less a substitute for if-elseif-else-statements (see the linked tutorial for clarification).

You probably want to loop over each argument and check if it's a number or an operator. For example:

for(String arg: args){


for(int i = 0; i < args.length; i++) {

Within this loop you can have a switch statement that checks if the current arg is an int or an operator. You could, for example, increment i by more than one to do one summation at each iteration, e.g i+=3 instead of i++ (Warning: Think it through so you don't get an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException)

Also, there's probably no need for charAt since each arg is a string of length 1 (I assume). If you have one big string you probably only want to loop over args[0].

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Shouldn't you iterate over the args-Array, and increment i while looping (for example, by applying a for-loop)?

Do you supply enough cmd-arguments to your programm?

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Well I don't want to do your assignment, but I do see a couple of things that could be causing you problems:

You never change the value of i:

int i = 0;

This means your switch statement is going to work on the first character. For example if your args are: 2+3, 2 will be evaluated. Since 2 is neither a + or a - and because you don't have a default case in your switch statement, you won't see any output.

Your method doesn't return a number. See mabbas answer for more details

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