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I'd like to get the HTML for a MediaWiki Page, that is I want to run the MediaWiki Markup through the parser. Now, I know I could just use some external Parser, but most of them do not support Transclusion and (naturally) Extensions, so my output will be different.

As I have access to the MediaWiki installation, I wonder if I can just use the built-in parser to render me the page. I don't want to do screen scraping because of all the other stuff on the page (navigation, sidebar, javscript and css includes etc.), I literally just want the body.

If it matters, it is running MediaWiki 1.12 on PHP 5.2.

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Use action=render; eg index.php?title=Article_title&action=render

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Shiny! That actually works better as it's run through a crawler... –  Michael Stum Feb 23 '10 at 20:35

Yes you can do that, as a matter of fact, I remember doing this very thing in many of my extensions available here.

Found one of my extension that does this: SecureTransclusion.

snippet follows:

public function mg_strans( &$parser, $page, $errorMessage = null, $timeout = 5 ) {

	if (!self::checkExecuteRight( $parser->mTitle ))
		return 'SecureTransclusion: '.wfMsg('badaccess');

	$title = Title::newFromText( $page );
	if (!is_object( $title ))
		return 'SecureTransclusion: '.wfMsg('badtitle')." ($page)";

	if ( $title->isTrans() )
		$content = $this->getRemotePage( $parser, $title, $errorMessage, $timeout );
		$content = $this->getLocalPage( $title, $errorMessage );

	$po = $parser->parse( $content, $parser->mTitle, new ParserOptions() );
	$html = $po->getText();

	return array( $html, 'noparse' => true, 'isHTML' => true );
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Thanks, that should help! I assume that $page is the title of the Page and not the WikiText? –  Michael Stum Dec 4 '09 at 2:30

How about using the current MediaWiki parser? Just grab the converted output, say

from <!-- start content --> to either <div class="printfooter">

or NewPP limit report. The latter begins the preprocessor's statistics. That way all the side frames and banners are omitted.

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That requires the design to be constant, so every design change may break the parser by removing the strings the parser looks for. –  Michael Stum Dec 4 '09 at 2:12
True enough, but it's up to the implementer to decide if that's an acceptable tradeoff. I just think of the ideas; it's up to others to decide whether to use them—or modify further as suitable for the problem. –  wallyk Dec 4 '09 at 3:54

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