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I am using the yii framework to write a application and using yii logger functionality . The problem is it always append the debug log statement at the end of the log file. Does any one has idea how why this is happening ?

Here is my log file data.

 [info] [application] sending sms 
 [info] [application] exit _sendSms 
 [info] [application] first msg to business send . saving to database
 [info] [application] entering _saveChat 
 [info] [application] exit _saveChat 
 [debug] [application] "incoming data value"
 [debug] [application] "api used in  _checkArrayFormat is exotel"
 [debug] [application] " identifier is 123"
 [debug] [application] " sms type is new"
 [debug] [application] "api used in  _setDataKey is exotel"
 [debug] [application] " arrUniqueAplhaNum  value is Array"
 [debug] [application] "new UID created is g2f"
 [debug] [application] "using api for outgoing sms exotel"
 [debug] [application] "using api for outgoing sms exotel"
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You can configure the log level that should be logged by a log route:

    'class' => 'CFileLogRoute',
    'levels' => 'info,warning,error',

As a side note: You seem to specify the log level debug when you call Yii::log() in your application. It's not forbidden per se, but it's recommended to only use a set of a few log levels. See here.

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Your log level config should be look like this !!

                                    'class' => 'CFileLogRoute',
                    'levels'=>'warning,debug, info', 
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