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I am adding Game-Center support to an iPad app. The app is OpenGL based and I haven't written it myself. As a result I am very limited in what I can change here. Now I am facing some problems with the Game-Center popups. It seems they do not care at all about what the app does with the display. I currently have the following 2 scenarios:

On iOS 5: The app is landscape only, but no matter what I attempt, the Leaderboard and Achievement popups always come up in portrait mode. I've already tried all the suggestions found here and so far had no success whatsoever to make it open in landscape mode. My app in the background rotates fine but the popup remains fixed in the same position.

On iOS 6: The popups come up in landscape but when I turn the device 180° they remain in their old orientation. This is a landscape only app but when I allow portrait mode the popup will rotate to portrait as soon as I rotate the device to portrait and then will stay that way, even when rotating back to landscape. Aside from that it doesn't matter what I try to set in my own code.

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