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There's a chapter in Robbins' Debugging Microsoft Windows Applications where he discusses the assembly code created for Windows apps. This is a community wiki question--please post links to other books, websites, blogs, articles etc. which discuss the x86 assembly code generated by Windows. I'm looking for a little more in-depth discussion of assembly and Windows.

If this was asked and answered somewhere else, please post a link and I'll close this question.

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I'm not sure exactly what you're seeking here, but I'd like to point out that since assembly language is specific to a processor architecture, as opposed to a particular OS, one of the best places to seek information about x86 assembly language is to go to the manufacturer -- Intel -- and read their processor manuals. Volume 2 is of particular interest.

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Actually after having worked with some people who know assembly and Windows programming, I think I would have been better off to ask for a book discussing assembly in relation to Windows compilers. –  Onorio Catenacci Jan 31 '10 at 18:34

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