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Can any one know how to convert the xcode 5 project into xcode 4. I am trying to open xcode 5 project into xcode 4.6 and click on the nib file xcode automatically close. even not run on simulator. I am googling lot but not found any such link or blog. If any one have a link or some blog for refrence.

thanks in advance

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Launch it again with 5 then from file inspector downgrade the document versioning. –  Desdenova Aug 26 '13 at 14:16
Set your deployment target to 6.x and you might. –  rohan-patel Aug 26 '13 at 14:32

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The solution is actually quite easy as I think. There are some ways to do it but here is the simplest one.

At first change the view "as" mode of the nib or storyboard like in this post
Xcode 4 won't allow me to open the storyboard edited in Xcode 5

The second step is to open the storyboard file with TextEdi...

enter image description here

and changing the highlighted value from "3.0" to "2.0"

enter image description here

If something doesn‘t works well, just let me know.

Good luck.


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