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I have to send an array of filters through get parameters in an API like this :


Now if I send an object directly like this :

Restangular.one('myList').get({filters: {
    nickname: 'test',
    status: 'foo'

The query really sent is


How to send a real array ? Should I thinks about an alternative ?

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I found a way to do it, I have to iterate over the filter object to create a new object with the [] in the name :

var query = {};
for (var i in filters) {
    query['filters['+i+']'] = filters[i];




Someone have better solution ?

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Try this:

Restangular.all('myList').getList({filters: {
    nickname: 'test',
    status: 'foo'
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stringify the content using JSON

  "startkey": JSON.stringify(["Forum-03fa10f4-cefc-427a-9d57-f53bae4a0f7e"]),
  "endkey": JSON.stringify(["Forum-03fa10f4-cefc-427a-9d57-f53bae4a0f7e", {}]),

translates to



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if you have very few and controlled parameters, you can use this way.

Assuming that you have few filters:

    var api = Restangular.all('yourEntityName');
    var params = {  commonWay          : 'value1',
                   'filter[property1]' : filterVariable1,
                   'filter[property2]' : filterVariable2

    api.getList(params).then(function (data) {

I hope this help you.

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