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Is it possible in C#, via reflection or some other method, to return a list all superclasses (concrete and abstract, mostly interested in concrete classes) of an object. For example passing in a "Tiger" class would return:

  1. Tiger
  2. Cat
  3. Animal
  4. Object
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Reflector includes a convenient "Base Types" node that you can use to drill down into a type's interfaces and base classes. –  Chris Fulstow Dec 4 '09 at 3:55

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static void VisitTypeHierarchy(Type type, Action<Type> action) {
    if (type == null) return;
    VisitTypeHierarchy(type.BaseType, action);


VisitTypeHierarchy(typeof(MyType), t => Console.WriteLine(t.Name));

You can easily deal with abstract classes by using the Type.IsAbstract property.

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+1 for conciseness! –  CesarGon Dec 4 '09 at 3:53
What a surprisingly simple answer but just what I looking for. Thanks! –  Michael Gattuso Dec 4 '09 at 4:47

Sure, use the "GetType()" method to get the type of the provided object. Each Type instance has a "BaseType" property which provides the directly inherited type. You can just recursively follow the types until you find a Type with a null BaseType (ie Object)

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