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I'm working on a JSP project, and got a very interesting problem: I have a "main" jsp page, let's call it Adam.jsp . I will include another jsp page called AdamIn.jsp .


String key = (String) session.getAttribute("key");
key before including: <%= key %>
<jsp:include page="AdamIn.jsp"/>
key after including: <%= key %>


String key = (String) session.getAttribute("key");
key = "changed";

Than here is the output of Adam.jsp:

key before including: value
key after including: value

So it didn't change. BUT! If I'm setting one of my own class's object (let's call it AdamClass, which has one public String variable: xxx="adam") like this:

AdamClass adam = new AdamClass();
session.setAttribute("adam", adam);
adam.xxx before including: <%= adam.xxx %>
<jsp:include page="AdamIn.jsp"/>
adam.xxx after including: <%= adam.xxx %>


AdamClass adam = (AdamClass) session.getAttribute("adam");
adam.xxx = "changed!";

Than the output of Adam.jsp will be this:

adam.xxx before including: adam
adam.xxx after including: changed!

So the question is: why has it changed with AdamClass object and not with a String?
P.S.: I also tried it with HashMap, and the same like AdamClass: it did change the HashMap's key-value pair.

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