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I have thousands of lines of code in notepad++ that looks like the following:




I need each of the two lines to join together so they look like this:


I'd like to kill the space in between those lines as well so all of the lines look like this but without the space:


I'm sure this is an easy fix for someone but i only started using the find and replace feature in notepad++ today, i'm trying to find each line with a ":" on them but i'm not sure how to keep the colon and then backspace the line to join the other.

Appreciate any help i've searched for a simple fix but it looks too complicated for me at the moment!


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You can use the regular expression mode of the find & replace (you need to opt for that search mode).

In find, use:


[\s matches space, tab, newlines and * means 0 or more times.]

And in the replace, use:


Shouldn't be too hard.

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