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I have a wpf application that is designed for a 1900x1200 resolution but some of our users have used the windows display settings to resize everything by 125%-150%, is there a way to have an application ignore those settings and still display normally?

I have seen something called SetProcessDPIAware here, but havent had any luck with it.

Here is a screen shot of the application with the display scaling turned up to 150% Application with Scaling

As you can see the application is way too small and there is no way to get it to be correctly sized.

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Dpi awareness will not help in this case. It will only change CompositionTarget.TransformToDevice matrix, but controls sizes will not change.

I use view box to scale all content. All sizes in my app are designed for Surface Pro 3 portrait:

    <Viewbox Stretch="Uniform">
        <Grid Width="1440" Height="2160">
            <!-- ... -->

You can calculate view box size basing on screen DPI. See this answer:

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