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I am using gvim as my text editor on linux server. I have a large file say some 10K lines .I need to select n no. lines eg line no. 512 to 1034 and replace it with another lines. How can I acheive this ? Please help

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How are you getting these other lines? –  FDinoff Aug 26 '13 at 17:46
I am doing simple copy paste , but as I need to select a big part of file , its taking too much of time , is there any way I can select lines using some commnad so that I can replace that with the matter I want. –  user1468315 Aug 26 '13 at 17:49

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If the other lines are in a file you could do the following.

:512,1034d | r <filename>

512,1034 specifies a range from line 512 to 1034.
d deletes the line

After the lines are removed you place the content of <filename> at line 512 with r or read

If the contents are in the " register (as if you yanked the contents) you could use


to replace those lines with the contents of the " register.

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select a particular line and use nj command where n is the no. of lines u want to jump.

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