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Is it possible to get action name of System.Web.Mvc.RemoteAttribute object. (Initialized at constructor stage)

GetUrl() method and RouteData property are protected. Are there any hints?

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With reflection you can get protected properties. The better solution I think is to create a new attribute class derived from RemoteAttribute and add some public methods/properties which return the Url and RouteData. For example:

public class MyRemoteAttribute: System.Web.Mvc.RemoteAttribute
  public string GetUrlPublic()
    return this.GetUrl();
  public RouteValueDictionary GetRouteData()
    return this.RouteData;
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Reflection is too complicated for such due task. Derived class is the same. Much easier to create own Attribute with just needed functionality. –  Ruberoid Aug 26 '13 at 18:46

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