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I am trying to do a smooth scroll down to a different section of a one-page website. I have a <section> with a class of artist-content-section, and a downward arrow with a class of scroll-down.

The problem is that when you click the downward arrow, it is instantly scrolling to the top of the page causing a "flash" of a different part of the page, then it scrolls down. I need to begin the scroll from my current position, not instantly scrolling to the top of the page and then scrolling to where I want it to scroll to.

Is anybody familiar with a fix to this?

Let me know, thanks.

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The href="#" is causing the page to jump to the top. I would just get rid of the tag altogether inside the . You can use css :hover { cursor: pointer; } to get the same effect I am guessing you were going with by using the a tag.

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